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Currently no, however we are working on developing that side of our website as so you can place orders directly from our website. For now please do contact us by telephone for orders on +44 7492 524 426

Yes, you can still place orders with a minimum order being £150 please call  +44 7492 524 426 for further details.

Call +44 7492 524 426 at your earliest, as much as we would love to help you, we can only accept cancellations before being shipped, orders cannot be cancelled without prior agreement.

We will initially give you an estimated date of delivery, if it hasn’t arrived please feel free to call us and we can track the shipment and inform you of when it will be arriving.

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Have you got another enquiry ? Please contact us at or call +44 7492 524 426

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+44 7492 524 426

If you have any questions or want to place an order call us.

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